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IT Staffing
Information Technology systems play a major role in enabling business strategy and in achieving an organization's business goals. Correspondingly, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike.

Our clients rely on us for the following essential services.
   · Contract Staffing
   · Contract-to-Permanent Staffing

We specialize in the practice of recruiting and resource management and apply this expertise across a breadth of technology stacks. Categorized below are some of the skills we have provided to our clients.

Technology Stacks Development Lifecycle Specialized Areas
Web Technologies Project Management EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
Client-Server Functional Analysis EIP (Enterprise Information Portals)
Database Administration Technical Architecture Network/Desktop Support
Mainframe Quality Assurance ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Datawarehousing Software Configuration Management CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Mobile Computing Technical Writing Business Continuity Planning
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